Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Car Bizz - "BEST" car dealer

This is my car selling experience.

My car is posted in sgcarmart in around MARCH 2010. Soon the prices of COE went up and i got a call from this dealer. Name: SAM, company: Car Bizz, came down with his son, KENNY and offer me a price which is near to my asking price.

The agreement is sign on the 13.04.2010. Since this my first time selling car, i only collect $200 deposit.

As the car still have some outstanding, the dealer keep rushing me to give him a cheque of the balance $2758 asap and also the transfer pin so he can settle my car.

Great! I got all the things ready and pass to him within a week. And within the same day he bank in the cheque. Then i went around to shop for my new car.

Soon after 1wks+, call SAM to check on the status of my car as the new car is coming..Even went down to his shop to talk to him. (Witnessed him fight with his china gf...what a sight)

He will always say "Brother, COE drop leh..can give me some time?? If really can't i will use my money to settle for you..Trust ME!!"

Well, being too trustful, i wait...

Soon the new car arrived. Loan approved and driving my car.This is already first wk of May.

Then to my horror, my old car installment is still being deducted!!! #$@#$!$

Call SAM up and he asked me to proof to him the deduction. Told him i got the statement and he ask me to go down to collect my cheque. He will pay for the installment.

Went down, told him this is abit too much..then he will just show you some documents that someone buying and now applying for loan.. Ask me to wait..

All this sh*t drag and drag for another 1 -2 wk. Told him this is too much and ask him to settle by the week.

This ah beng starts to do what he do best and play ah beng. Saying, "eh..if you want, take back your car and your money!"

Wah...KNN...first time i sell something and its like i owe him a living!!

LL decided to take back the car cause the car is still under my name and the bank will still chase me if anything happen to the car.

Went down with a few friends and they witness this ah beng behavior and attitude. Keep saying "You go sue me la..i don't want to give you the cheque liao. You ask so many people here make me lao kui (no face)". I wonder who is the one who caused all these.

So have to talk to him nicely and ask him to give me the money back. #@$#@%$%^

Eventually he gave me the cheque but says that must deduct the installment as he already paid for me. What the %^#$^&%$&^#$@. Take the cheque and go.

So now, rdtax due, and insurance cancelled.

Many ask why don't sue him.. Even the lawyer advice me to take back your car and cut cost. Even if you win the case, the most they closed down and reopen and i won't get a single cent but still have to pay for lawyer fee. Worst is if the car is lost when in his shop, i still liable.

Tell myself, money can be earned, but this type of dealer must be made known to everyone. One victim is enough.

This is my car..

All I ask is for you to help me to promote my blog. Don't let there to be another victim.

Below is the ACRA of the of the company. It's under the name of the son. KENNY.

Things to ponder:

1) Why is the company not under SAM's name?
2) Why they can't even fork out a small to full settled my car? Only $40K

Those who wants to know more or if you think you can help. Do email me at

I really appreciates all the helps i can get.